account ac∙count noun ›› AT BANK 银行 1. (abbr. a/c) an arrangement that sb has with a bank, etc. to keep money there, take some out, etc. • 账户:
»I donˈt have a bank account.
»to have an account at / with a bank
»to open / close an account
»Whatˈs your account number please?
»I paid the cheque into my savings account.
»a joint account (= one in the name of more than one person)
--› see also budget account , checking account , current account , deposit account ›› BUSINESS RECORDS 商业记录 2. [usually pl.] a written record of money that is owed to a business and of money that has been paid by it • 账目:
»to do the accounts
»the accounts department
--› see also expense account , profit and loss account ›› WITH SHOP / STORE 商店 3. (BrE also ˈcredit account) (NAmE also ˈcharge account) an arrangement with a shop / store or business to pay bills for goods or services at a later time, for example in regular amounts every month • 赊销账;赊欠账;赊购:
»Put it on my account please.
»We have accounts with most of our suppliers.
--› note at bill ›› REGULAR CUSTOMER 老主顾 4. (business 商) a regular customer • 老主顾:
»The agency has lost several of its most important accounts.
›› COMPUTING 计算机技术 5. an arrangement that sb has with a company that allows them to use the Internet, send and receive messages by email, etc. • (互联网、电子邮件等的)账户,账号:
»an Internet / email account
›› DESCRIPTION 描述 6. a written or spoken description of sth that has happened • 描述;敍述;报告:
»She gave the police a full account of the incident.
--› note at report 7. an explanation or a description of an idea, a theory or a process • (思想、理论、过程的)解释,说明,敍述:
»the Biblical account of the creation of the world
【IDIOMS】 by / from all accounts • according to what other people say • 据说;根据报道:
»Iˈve never been there, but itˈs a lovely place, by all accounts.
by your own account • according to what you say yourself • 根据某人自己所说:
»By his own account he had an unhappy childhood.
give a good / poor acˈcount of yourself (BrE) • to do sth or perform well or badly, especially in a contest • (尤指比赛中)表现好/不好,干得出色/差劲:
»The team gave a good account of themselves in the match.
of no / little acˈcount •(formal) not important • 不重要;无足轻重 on account • if you buy sth or pay on account, you pay nothing or only a small amount immediately and the rest later • 挂账;(先付小部份款额的)赊账 on sbˈs account • because of what you think sb wants • 为了某人的缘故:
»Please donˈt change your plans on my account.
on account of sb / sth • because of sb / sth • 由于;因为:
»She retired early on account of ill health.
on no account | not on any account (used to emphasize sth 用于强调) • not for any reason • 决不;绝对不:
»On no account should the house be left unlocked.
on your own acˈcount 1. for yourself • 为自己:
»In 1992 Smith set up in business on his own account.
* 1992 年史密斯自己开始经商。
2. because you want to and you have decided, not sb else • 自愿地:
»No one sent me, I am here on my own account.
on this / that account •(formal) because of the particular thing that has been mentioned • 由于这个/那个缘故:
»Weather conditions were poor, but he did not delay his departure on that account.
put / turn sth to good acˈcount •(formal) to use sth in a good or helpful way • 善用;利用 take account of sth | take sth into account • to consider particular facts, circumstances, etc. when making a decision about sth • 考虑到;顾及:
»The company takes account of environmental issues wherever possible.
»Coursework is taken into account as well as exam results.
»The defendant asked for a number of other offences to be taken into account.
--› more at blow n., call v., settle v. verb [usually passive] • (formal) to have the opinion that sb / sth is a particular thing • 认为是;视为: ▪ [VN-ADJ]
»In English law a person is accounted innocent until they are proved guilty.
▪ [VN-N]
»The event was accounted a success.
thereˈs no accounting for ˈtaste • (saying) used to say how difficult it is to understand why sb likes sb / sth that you do not like at all • 人的爱憎好恶是无法解释的;人各有所好:
»She thinks heˈs wonderful—oh well, thereˈs no accounting for taste.
【PHR V】 acˈcount for sth 1. to be the explanation or cause of sth • 是…的说明(或原因) 【SYN】 explain :
»The poor weather may have accounted for the small crowd.
»Oh well, that accounts for it (= I understand now why it happened).
2. to give an explanation of sth • 解释;说明 【SYN】 explain :
»How do you account for the showˈs success?
3. to be a particular amount or part of sth • (数量上、比例上)占:
»The Japanese market accounts for 35% of the companyˈs revenue.
日本市场占该公司收入的 35%。
acˈcount for sb / sth 1. to know where sb / sth is or what has happened to them, especially after an accident • (尤指在事故之后)了解,查明:
»All passengers have now been accounted for.
2. (informal) to defeat or destroy sb / sth • 打败;破坏;摧毁;消灭:
»Our anti-aircraft guns accounted for five enemy bombers.
acˈcount for sth (to sb) • to give a record of how the money in your care has been spent • 报账;出示经手款项的单据:
»We have to account for every penny we spend on business trips.
* * *
n. 計算, 帳目, 說明, 估計, 理由
vi. 說明, 總計有, 認為, 得分
vt. 認為

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